July 20, 2012

Fake Names Are the Fruit of Aadhaar

IT Czar Nandan Nilekani’s dream project of providing Aadhaar Cards to citizens has come under the Intelligence Bureau (IB) scanner following several complaints that unique identity numbers have been shockingly issued in the name of fruits and vegetables like  ‘Apple’ and ‘Coriander’. For example, complaints received by the ministry states that a unique card with 12 digit number 499118665246 has been issued to ‘dhaniya’ (coriander) in Anantpur district, Andhra Pradesh. Another has been issued in the name of ‘Seb’ (apple.) The intelligence agency has so far received reports on around 12 such complaints.

The IB has asked all its subsidiary units in the state to launch a security audit of ‘Aadhaar’ issued to people,  nailing the Nilekani-headed Unique Identification Authority of India’s claim of having foolproof process for vetting individual profile.

“The letter was sent to the state unit after the Ministry of Home Affairs received several complaints of misappropriation in the entire process. The IB message sent on June 29, 2012 directs the sleuths to figure out the extent of misappropriation of cards by NGOs and private companies involved in the identification process,” ministry sources said.

Sources said despite a letter to UIDAI and subsequent reminder from home ministry in May and June this year, the authority has been silent on the issue, prompting the agency to launch an investigation.

“There are also issues regarding fake cards which will create problems for resident identity card under National Population register. The NPR card, which is compulsory for every resident, will carry a 12-digit Unique Identity number on its card. The ministry has also asked the UIDAI to conduct an internal audit to eliminate chances of fake cards,” said an officer of the home ministry.

Sources said IB officials undertaking the marathon exercise of a security audit will seek the help of tehsildars, village panchayats and post offices to trace the fake cards. As of April 2012 more than 6 lakh of the 13.68 crore Aadhaar cards issued countrywide, were returned undelivered over untraceable addresses. 

(By Yatish Yadav, The New Indian Express, July 8, 2012)


aadhar said...

Yes this is true that there have been found cases of fake Aadhaar card and this is surely a big question toward UIDAI. The bigger problem is that people are complaining of incorrect details printed on their received Aadhaar letter. This raises a big question on the functioning of the regulatory body. They really need to take some measures now to prevent future irregularities.

Shayari said...

My family members have been given Aadhar cards . Last week we received a notice from another Government agency ,which is carrying out similar task for "National population register" , asking us to report to a Government school located at a far away location for the enrollment ! Why this duplication of work wasting public money ?

Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania said...

What will be the fate of Aadhaar with NDA government at the centre.