January 5, 2014


The Fall of Burma
Road to Democracy and Coca-Cola

When Hillary Clinton, the old face of United States of America visited Burma in December 2011 to "pave a path to democracy," at least some section of the Burmese society knew what the US would actually bring to the isolated Asian country — unrest and Coca-Cola. The unrest in the country was followed by the massive coca-colanisation. Within five months of the historic Hillary visit, the notorious Coca-Cola Foundation makes an announcement that it is making a comeback to Burma after 60 years. Coke's entry to Burma was followed by its partner in crime — Pepsi. With the latest intrusion to the Asian country, the Coca-Cola becomes one of the only beneficiaries of the recent reforms after the US administration. The Atlanta-based multi-national firm which continues to harm people's health and mind around the world has also announced its plans to make "social and economic investments" through PACT, its charitable wing by giving a grant of US$ 3 million to support Burma's women's economic empowerment and job creation initiatives. Aung San Suu Kyi who reportedly thanked the US administration for its "calibrated approach" in engaging the Burmese authorities, has won her long battle with the junta, but the nation has finally lost its 60-year long battle with the US multi-national company.

Download 'Coca-Colanisation' poster from Design & People

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