May 29, 2012

Tony Blair, the War Criminal


The world rejoiced when Muntadhar-Al-Zaidi, the Iraqi Broadcast Journalist threw a dirty shoe at George Bush Jr, the war criminal. Many 'intruders' around the world modelled Zaidi's non-violent act to protest war criminals and dirty politicians. Muntadhar-Al-Zaidi visited India last year. He spoke to thousands of people who eagerly wanted to hear his views on war and his experience in the Iraqi prison. The shoe throwers around the world proved that their simple acts are much more powerful than that of shoe-bombers.

And today, we have a new 'intruder' - David Lawley Wakelin, a veteran documentary filmmaker who made several films criticising the illegal war waged by the US and its allies in Iraq.David Wakelin broke into the Leveson Inquiry courtroom at the Royal Courts of Justice accusing the former British Prime Minister Tony Bliar of being a "war criminal". He even accused war criminal Tony Blair of receiving £6 million from JP Morgan, a US investment bank which benefited tremendously from the Iraq war which began in 2003. We congratulate David Lawley Wakelin for his courageous act of today and we hope the world will see many David Wakelins in the days to come. War criminals should be prosecuted in people's own courts and wherever they go. Down with the US and its collaborators in war!! (Contributed by Sethu Das / sethu.das [at]

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