May 5, 2011

'Turbulent Skies' (, May 05, 2011)

The Web Editor,
The Hindustan Times,

Dear Sir/Madam:
This is with reference to the ten photographs you have published under the title 'Turbulent Skies' in the Hindustan Times website: Though the intention was to show Indian leaders perished in air crashes in the past, using the photograph of Netaji Subash Chadra Bose, the great freedom fighter of India and the leader of Indian National Army along with nine other petty criminals of Indian politics who were only looting the nation's wealth is inappropriate and a disrespect to one of the most prominent figures of India's freedom movement. Imagine if we had used the image of Mahatma Gandhi along with a group of Mumbai underworld criminals to make a list of 'Indians who were shot dead' after independence. This is similar to that. Kindly remove the Netaji photograph at the earliest from your esteemed website.

Thank you.
Team Design & People

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