March 5, 2011

Latest Creative Resistance stories

The Essential Youth by Sethu DasThe Essential Youth
There is a Stuttgart 21 happening in every corner of our country in the name of progress. But not a single creative professional has ever marched to protect our falling monuments and to retain the aesthetic and historical values of our cities. Design & People Co-founder Sethu Das on Stuttgart 21 and the inertia of our generation.

The Forward March of Mahinda by Ravindra RanasinhaThe Forward March of Mahinda
Sri Lankan journalist and educationist Ravindra Ranasinha writes about what is really going on in Sri Lanka after the LTTE rebels were wiped out from the island with the power of the gun and how the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajpakse is battling numerous legal charges leveled against his regime by the Tamil Diaspora.

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