November 17, 2011

US-Australia Military Alliance: A New Threat to Asia
(Creative Resistance, November 17, 2011)

Mumbai: Running out of ideas to tackle the growing number of Occupy Wall Street protests back at home, the US President Barack Obama is now on a trip to the Big Brother country Australia with his new 'Asian Mission'. 

During his first official visit to Australia, Obama unveiled the American plans to deploy 2,500 US Marines in the Northern Territory in the next couple of years. This was declared during his meeting with the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Though Obama repeatedly said the "latest military ties between US and Australia are not aimed at China or India", it is evident that Washington is determined to teach its Asian 'allies' in the region a military lesson. 

While speaking to a small gathering of supporters, Sethu Das, Co-founder of Creative Resistance said "the deployment of American personnel in Australia is a bigger and serious threat to the Asian region than the threat by China. Unity among Asian nations seems to be the only way to deal with this new threat from the United States." He also added that "Pressure Groups in Asian countries particularly in India have already started campaigns to educate people about the growing threat from the presence of American military personnel and the need to secure peace and harmony in Asian region."

According to Wikipedia, the United States military is deployed in more than 150 countries around the world.

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